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TOPS In Education

Raise Money for Your School with Tops in Education!

We've donated over 1 MILLION DOLLARS to local schools over the past 7 years and with your help, this year can be the best ever Tops in Education. Tops in Education is a fresh approach to fundraising for schools. All you have to do is REGISTER your BonusPlus®, select your school(s) of choice and purchase participating products at Tops. Tops will donate a portion of the money raised to the school(s) of your choice.

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Festival of Lights

The Largest Holiday Festival in WNY!

For a limited time you can save $10 when your purchase pre-sale tickets at Tops! Now through November 28 pre-sale carload tickets are just $15, only at your neighborhood store with more! Festival Dates: November 29-30, December 1,6-8, 13-15, and 18-23.

Feed the Hungry Fill Your Heart

Feed The Hungry, fill your heart!

Hunger takes no vacation and that's why we need your help. And it's so easy. Join Tops and help those in our community. Drop off nonperishable items, make a cash donation or buy a Little Brown Bag of Hope at the registers now through December 28th.

Join us on December 6 at the following Tops locations for collections:

  • 4777 Transit Rd. at French Rd. (Store 220)
  • 5827 South Transit Rd. (Store 21)
  • 7200 Niagara Falls Blvd. (Store 22)
  • 3980 Maple Road (Store 41)
  • 2101 Elmwood Avenue (Store 232)
  • 4S. 6150 South Park Ave. (Store 236)

Join us on December 6 at the following Tops locations for collections:

  • 1702 E. 38th Street (Store 601)
  • 1520 W. 26th St, @ Green Garden (Store (602)
  • 712 W. 38th St., Liberty Plaza (Store 665)

Join us on December 13 at the following Tops locations for collections:

  • 3507 Mt. Read/Maiden (Store 418)
  • 1215 Jefferson Rd. (Store 416)

Join us December 9-13 at the following Tops locations for collections:

  • 352 West Genesee St. (Store 504)
  • 321 Liberty Street (Store 566)
  • 1963 Kingdom Plaza (Store 565)
  • 6179 Route 96 (Store 435)
  • 2140 Walworth-Penfield Road (Store 428)
  • 504-1/2 South Franklin Street (576)

Join us on December 20 at the following Tops locations for collections:

  • 3803 Brewerton Road- Airport Plaza (Store 361)
  • 350 Towne Drive (Store 363)

Stretch Your Budget at Tops!

Grab your coin jar and turn it into cash or NO FEE eGift Cards at CoinStar. You likely have twice as many coins as you think!

Arctic Edge

The Zoo's Brand New Exhibit, Arctic Edge Presented By Tops!

The 1.5 acre exhibit features two polar bear enclosures with naturalistic habitats and underwater viewing for guests. A key attraction in the Arctic Edge is the Arctic Conservation Center. In it, visitors will learn how they can act locally and reduce energy use to protect polar bears and other arctic animals in the wild. Go visit the Buffalo Zoo today!

GasPoints Gift Cards

Buy Gift Cards. Save Big On Gas!

Earn Tops GasPoints and save on Gas when you buy Gift Cards at Tops to purchase meals, clothes, music, and more.

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